Sea & Spinalonga view from the restaurant

Learn about "Ta Kymata" Fish Restaurant in Plaka

Since its establishment in 1983 by the Mattheakis brothers, our restaurant has thrived for over 35 years, quickly establishing itself as one of the best restaurants in Plaka, Crete. In 2020, the next generation of the Mattheakis family undertook a fresh journey, infusing new life into our beloved eatery.

Nestled in the heart of Plaka near Elounda with an unparalleled sea view overlooking the historic Spinalonga Island, “TA KYMATA” invites you to savor the essence of Cretan cuisine.

Our menu features an exquisite selection of locally-sourced fresh fish and meats, prepared with the finest ingredients to offer you an authentic dining experience by the sea.

Join us at “TA KYMATA” for an unforgettable meal where traditional flavors meet breathtaking views, right here in Plaka of Elounda in Crete !!

Bon appetite !!